You’re in the Right Place . . .

If Midlife feels new, hard or a bit confusing to you.  (After all, I’ll bet this is your first MidLife rodeo.)

If you’ve spent so many years helping others: raising kids, raising husbands, raising pets, you have no idea what YOU like anymore . . .

If you’ve ever dreamed of re-inventing everything and living the life of your dreams . . .

If you know there’s a lot of fun and adventures to be had, you’re just not sure where, or how, to find them . . .

If you know you have so much more to do and accomplish and you don’t want to miss any of it . . .

Then you’re in the right place.

Whether you’re an empty nester, a corporate superstar, an entrepreneur, a widow, a burned out ex-soccer mom or some combination of the above, I’ve got some hot tips to take you into the ‘Fun Life’ at Midlife.

I’m Kimberly Montgomery and I’ve been exactly where you are. I’ve gone through a whole laundry basket full of the tough challenges that can come around Midlife. (You can read the gory details HERE.) 

A few years back, I was sailing into the empty nest, then out of the blue, got kicked hard in the Midlife. In a matter of months I lost my income, my home, my cars, my relationship and my enthusiasm for living.  Ewww . . .

It was a hard blow at a time when I had expected life to become smooth sailing. There I was, with nothing left and no clue how to rebuild my life. I felt too old to start over. I was depressed. I had no idea what to do next. 

I spent years fighting my way through, and today I’m lucky to say that I have built a life that really works.

It was very difficult and I had to do it alone. I knew there had to be an easier way for Midlife women to work through the unique issues that come with this time of life. I also knew that if I was going through it, so were other women. I decided we needed a ‘Home Base’ for us. Just for us — Midlife Women who want more, want to do more, want to be more. 

Today I help women just like you uncover the best versions of themselves and rock midlife for all it’s worth. Here we encourage midlife women to find their dreams and go after them. 

I’ve spent years figuring out how to make the most of this (now) fabulous time of life (it wasn’t always fun!). 

  • I’ve designed a wildly successful 12-Month Planner, The Choices Notebook, that helps us all live happier, more authentic lives.
  • I’m a regular contributor to the Huffington Post 50 blog where I share tips on making the most of Midlife.
  • I’m co-creator of the successful Making Midlife Matter online magazine that highlights the best in Midlife living.

My goal is to help you see all the magic that is you, the delights that Midlife holds, and show you that Midlife can be the best time of all. My motto is: Midlife is like being a teenager — only with money and brains!

As a MidLife woman my philosophy is that Life is Choices and every choice we make moves us closer, or farther away from the life we dream of.

If you’re ready to go after your dreams, I’m here to help and encourage you along the way.


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