The 2017 Choices Notebook 12-Month Planner

Choices Notebook 12-Month Planner

Are you tired of feeling like life is an endless list of chores? Does all the stress leave you wondering where all the fun went?

Imagine if your life felt wonderful, exciting and filled with all the things that make you happy and bring you joy.

The Choices Notebook 12-Month Planner will help you create the life you've always dreamed of.

Start Fresh with the Choices Notebook

  • Carefully designed to help you create a life that feels GOOD every day.
  • Start focusing on enjoying life and feeling happy.
  • Create a life that works and a schedule that supports you in your dreams.
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The only Planner designed with your Happiness in mind.

Don't Get Caught in the 'Treadmill' Trap -- Remember, Life is to Be Enjoyed!

Are you tired of the working and running so fast that you never get a chance to have fun?  Has life become an endless To-Do list?  Do you wonder when it will be YOUR TURN to enjoy life?  If this sounds familiar, it's time to add the Choices Notebook 12-Month Planner to your life.

It's easy to get caught up in the endless 'performance trap' that surrounds us all. Being effective and productive is great, but so is being happy and joyful. The Choices Notebook 12-Month Planner will help you have both.

Say 'goodbye' to frantic days, and exhausted nights! Never miss a day of happiness and JOY again with the support and encouragement from your Choices Notebook 12-Month Planner.

Please note: Quantities of the Choices Notebook 12-Month Planner are limited. We suggest ordering early to guarantee your copy.

Get Happy wth the Choices Notebook
"My Choices Notebook has changed how I live my life -- I now focus on 'living', instead of 'doing'. I'm SO MUCH more relaxed and happier now!"

What's New This Year

  • Full Color Covers - Two gorgeous designs to choose from. Sophisticated stripes or the wildly creative Watercolor option. Which beautiful choice suits YOUR personality?
  • Sophisticated Brushed Gold - High quality Wire-O binding adds an elegant touch.
  • Sturdy, Durable Hard Cover - Keep your schedule protected with the stain resistant, secure cover.
  • Front & Back Interior Pockets - Enjoy safe storage and easy access for all your treasures!
  • Heavier Paper - High quality 100gsm paper offers a sumptuous writing experience.
  • 2016 Review - Learn and improve on your life with a comprehensive review of what worked, and what didn't from last year.
  • Time Blocking - Weekly layouts feature the super effective 'time-blocking' layout to simplify your day!

Discover a fresh new way of living with The Choices Notebook 12-Month Planner

Monthly Layouts

Plan your month with confidence with the comprehensive layout that helps you plan activities and time for you!

Weekly Layouts

Keep track of all you appointments and the needed 'me time' with the handy time block layout.

 Goals & Happiness

Never wonder when life will feel good again with the Well Being focused plan for living.

"Rather than a calendar, it’s a planner that sets me up for success!"

"I love my Choices Notebook! It keeps me accountable, organized and on track to achieve my goals. By checking in each morning, and reviewing my progress monthly, I can see what’s working for me, and what’s not. Rather than a calendar, it’s a planner that sets me up for success.”

- Jennifer Connolly Image Consultant, A Well Styled Life

Life is a gift to be enjoyed and shared. Start creating a life that feels good today with the Choices Notebook 12-Month Planner!

Choices Notebook 12-Month Planner

Quality Design, Beautiful Styling 

  • Elegant, durable, stain resistant cover in two beautiful full color designs.
  • Stylish brushed gold Wire-O binding.
  • Gold tone metal corner protectors. 

"Beautiful, unique and stylish design.

You can have a life filled with joy and fun! The Choices Notebook will be encouraging companion every step of the way.

Only $39

The Choices Notebook 12-Month Planner includes:

Monthly Layouts Gently Guide You with Goals, Happiness Prompts & Daily Choices Check-in

Stay clear on your goals and tasks while still keeping an eye on your joy and happiness with the all new Choices Notebook

​Your Choices Notebook gives you the space to note your commitments, along with the activities that keep you centered and content.

Stay clear on what's working, and what's NOT in your life with the Daily Choices Check-in featured on every calendar day in the Choices Notebook.​

Choices Notebook Monthly Prompts

"Here's what I love . . ."

"Here's what I love: At the end of each week, review your week and make note of what made you happy, what worked and what didn't. What accomplishments can you celebrate & add to your Gratitude List?"

- Kirsten Thompson Blogger, Sweet Tea LLC

Weekly Layouts Keep You Consistent with Happiness Prompts & Space for Notes

Enjoy a smooth schedule as you stay focused on your well being with the daily Happiness Prompts and Life Choices Check-in

With Plenty of room for notes, you'll always have a place for your plans & ideas!

"I was sparked to improve my day-to-day . . . "

"By evaluating not just my schedule, but my life in general, I was sparked to make choices to improve my day-to-day in several ways. In essence, the Choices Notebook made me more productive. Rather than simply reacting to situations as they arise; like a leaf in the wind. I have become a firm believer that the tyranny of the urgent can rob you of living every present moment."

- Shellie Bowdoin Blogger, The Fab Journey

Monthly Wrap-Up Helps You Constantly Improve Your Life & Experiences

Always stay on track for what feels good in life, and what doesn't with the Monthly Reflections page. This is where you design the life you've always dreamed of!

Get really clear on what works for you, and what doesn't.

Only $39

Features You'll Love!

  • Front & Back Pockets to hold all your treasures!
  • Monthly tabbed pages to make scheduling a breeze!
  • Wire-O binding to keep your planner secure.

"The Choices Notebook has helped me envision a greater future than I thought was possible. I’m excited about making good choices."

"If you want to take back control over your life, make your first good choice. Get your own Choices Notebook and get ready to create your new life.”

- Elena Peters, Blogger, Blog, Share, Learn

Be the Designer & Creator of Your Life with Your Personal Gratitude List and Bucket List.  

Gratitude helps us to know what feels good and what it is we like. A Bucket List ensures we do, go and discover to our hearts desire. You'll enjoy BOTH in your new Choices Notebook 12-Month Planner!

Kimberly Montgomery

Hi, I'm Kimberly

After years of harried, stressful living as a single mom and business owner, I decided I'd had enough. Happiness became my new goal and focus. I spent months figuring out what was really important for a happy life and created a life plan to make it happen. The Choices Notebook was born!

Join me in a new way of living, one the WORKS and FEELS GOOD!  A life you'll be excited to wake up to. 

Let the Choices Notebook encourage you to live the life you've always dreamed of!

I printed out a few sample pages to test, and I’m hooked.

So much more than a planner, the Choices notebook has made me aware of my real goals — the ones that make me happy and fulfilled — outside of my jam-packed daily, weekly, monthly schedule of chores, appointments and deadlines. Best of all, it’s made me put my ideas, dreams and wishes on paper, which, I’ve found, is often the first step to making them actually happen.

I love that.”

- Lois Alter Mark Blogger, Midlife at the Oasis

"The Choices Notebook encourages you to carefully consider your journey..."

"The Choices Notebook planner pages feature important prompts like 'Goals', 'Happiness', a great way to stay focused on a holistic life. The reminders of Gratitude, Meditate, Exercise and others encourages you to carefully consider the journey towards your happiness."

- Terri Webster Schrandt Blogger, Second Wind Leisure Perspectives

Sassy Stripes

Magic Colors

Choose between sophisticated stripes or wildly creative watercolor expression. Which describes YOUR style?

Only $39

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the Choices Notebook 12-Month Planner?  The retail price for the 2017 edition is $39. 

​When will the 2017 Choices Notebook ship?  We expect the planners to begin shipping the end of November.

When should I order to ensure a copy?  The Choices Notebook is wildly popular, and we expect to sell out our inventory. Order early to guarantee you own copy and any you'll need for gifts. All orders will be shipped in the order they are received.

What's your refund policy?  We understand that choosing a planner is an important decision, and we want you to feel comfortable and confident with your purchase. Please take the time to review all our photos in detail, as well as to confirm that the size and dimensions will suit your needs, as all planner sales, unless damaged or defective, are final once shipped.

Only $39

Kimberly Montgomery

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