I spent YEARS believing that I would be happy and thankful once everything was how I wanted it to be. You know, once I had something to be thankful for.

I had NO IDEA how screwed up that thinking was. Thankfully, I found the path that works.

I’m not sure if self-centered thinking is an inherent human trait, or if we learn it in a misguided effort at self preservation. Or maybe it’s a personality trait that some are born with. Like patience or the ability to solve a rubik’s cube in under 60 seconds.

Who knows? Who cares??

I just knew that things in my life weren’t going as I PLANNED, and I would relax and be happy once they were. Once I had forced everything into my version of ‘right’.

I was the poster child for ‘stressed out mess’. And life was something to manage, to get through. Ugh.

Things are different today. I’m different today. And SO MUCH happier.

What’s changed? On the outside, not much. On the inside? Almost everything.

Join me this year as we take a deep dive into the very concepts that will help YOU create a Happy Life That Works.

Time to put down the constant controlling, the never ending stress, the underlying feeling of discontent. We’re going down a different path.

This month we’re focusing on being Thankful. You can download the Worksheet here:


If you’d like support and friendship in your journey, join us in the private Facebook Group, Happy Choices. It’s ground zero for creating a life that feels fun and exciting. It’s also where a lot of good information get shared by me and others.

If you want to be happy, get Thankful first. Trust me on that one.






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