We made it out of 2016 alive. Barely, for some of us.

If you’re like me, you can’t wait to put 2016 squarely in the rear-view mirror where it can just fade away into the distance like some bad date from college.

Politics. World tragedy. Loss. 2016 had it all. Good riddance.

If 2016 taught us anything, it’s that sh*t happens. Often. And sometimes, there just ain’t much we can do about it.

At least on the outside.

What we CAN do, is change how we deal with it on the inside. 


The Super Simple Solution

Changing how we deal with the world around us will make the difference in how life feels on the inside. How we work with people and events determines if we stay peaceful and happy, or lose our minds.

Right about now you’re probably asking yourself (and me):

“OK, so EXACTLY HOW do I handle the world around me so I don’t lose my sh*t?? Or get super depressed. Discouraged. Overwhelmed. Scared. Frustrated.”

I’m so glad you asked!

What any carpenter, painter or nerdy engineer will tell you, is that good results start with good tools. A good tool kit can make the difference between a fabulous outcome, or a not so fabulous one.

2017 is the year we build a Took Kit to weather any storm. 

Fifty Jewels Happiness Tool Kit

This is the list of Actions and Attitudes of the happiest people on the planet. Determined by SCIENTISTS. (Yes, the pocket protector crowd.) This list is the foundation of a happy life and the inspiration behind the Choices Notebook 12-Month Planner.

This is the list that is also on every calendar page of your 2017 Choices Notebook 12-Month Planner. Handy, huh?

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The Plan

This year, we’re going to take a DEEP DIVE into each of these traits. We’re going to learn what they are, what they REALLY mean and how to use them. We’re going to embrace them and make them ours.

We’re going to learn to deal with the whiners, the crabby people, the bad news and the sad news. We’re going to develop such a BAD ASS Tool Kit, that life will become a place we LOVE to be every day.

This is the year you create the life that makes YOU happy.

(And when you’re happy, life just flows.)

Fifty Jewels Happiness Calendar

Every month of 2017 we will focus on and sharpen one of the Actions and Attitudes for your Tool Kit. We’ll learn the details of what it is, what it means for you and how to incorporate it into your life so it sticks.

Get my Happiness Calendar now!

Imagine if every month in 2017 you became just 10% happier.

How would that FEEL?

A 10% increase in Happiness EVERY MONTH would give you an increase in joy of OVER 285% by the end of the year! (the power of compounding!) If you’re like me, that’s a result I want!

The How

On the first Wednesday of each month I’ll post a Worksheet focusing on the trait of the month. It will guide you in deciding WHERE YOU’RE AT NOW, how to improve, what to do to improve and suggestions for sharpening your skills. At the end of the month, you’ll get the chance to evaluate how far you’ve come and what you’ve learned about life and yourself.

We’ll work on this together. You won’t be alone, we’ll be an active, supportive group of Tool Sharpeners in the Happy Choices Facebook Group! (if you’re not a member yet, CLICK HERE to join.)

Throughout the month I’ll share new, free designs you can print out, frame and put in a special place. There’ll also be coloring sheets, tips and tricks to help you make the MOST out of your new talents.

It will be FUN!

Every month you’ll become more centered, more clear and more equipped to deal with anything life throws at you. And the BEST PART is, the more firm you become in your practice of gratitude and the other traits in your Tool Kit, the more good stuff comes your way and the easier life unfolds.

Decide NOW to make 2017 the year that you become the BEST YOU ever!

Fun Stuff

Fifty Jewels Happiness Products

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To add some FUN and support along the way, I’ve designed (just for YOU) some fun accessories that will keep you focused and on track!



Handy reminders of some of our best tools, these gorgeous and useful Notebooks will become one of your favorite companions!

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Desk Calendars


Keep focused on growth and happiness with these beautiful reminders of the best in life!

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Keep Gratitude at the top of your list everyday with these handy list pads for all your To-Do’s (and To-Don’ts!)

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Kick off 2017 with the intention of making every day better and better. We’ll learn, grow and support each other to a FABULOUS new life!



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