Adult Coloring Pages,

It turns out we never should have left kindergarten. Seems we were on the right track back then, learning to play nice, naps and coloring. Good thing most of these talents come back pretty quickly. (I’m working on the play nice thing.)

Adult coloring is all the rage now, and for good reason. It’s wonderful. And so relaxing.


Most artists learned this in the first few days of art class and never forget the meditative bliss that comes with mixing colors and blending tones. I became much more familiar with it in the early days of my illustration career. The girls would be long in bed, and I would still be at my drawing table well past 11pm softly shading and coloring in sections of a piece.

Coloring Pencils,

With our busy lives and constant connection with media, the chance to unplug and drift away into a few minutes of colorful calm is gaining popularity with more and more adults. Coloring books are popping up on Amazon and on the shelves of Barnes & Noble. There are even groups of women forming coloring clubs.

Getting started is easy, here are several pages to get you going — AND you can print as many copies as you like:



Be Thankful


Give Thanks


Holiday Happiness Kit, includes a bonus coloring page perfect for all ages!

You can always use the nostalgic Crayola crayons from our youth — remember how wonderful is was to get a fresh box? All the colors were in order and the crayons were sharp! Or, you can try colored pencils for finer detail.

Colored Pencils2,

I use Prismacolor with an electric sharpener. You can use a hand held sharpener as well, you may like the results more than me.

That, some good light and a little quiet time is all you need.  Try it, I think you’ll like it.  And to get you started, I’ve created a FREE download for you to start coloring today.

Bird & Butterfly Free Download,

Click here to download your FREE coloring copy of Bird & Butterfly from Fifty Jewels.

Enjoy this fun new hobby and be sure and send me a pic of your finished drawing!





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